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Floor Stripping & Waxing and

Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing

floor buffing.jpg

SK's Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services include all types of flooring. Whether we're bringing your home floors back to their original luster and shine or doing the same for large scale floors like clubhouses, dance halls and meeting halls. 


Stripping, waxing, and finishing your floors is the best way to combat scuffs, dirt, and damage. As a business owner or manager, stripping and refinishing your floor is an important maintenance item proven essential in promoting a safe and clean environment for employees and customers.


You can trust your floors to our professionals. We utilize the best equipment in the industry to assure that you receive the best results in your home or establishment.

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It's easy to overlook your floors. They are probably the most overlooked but the most heavily used surface in your home. Even regular cleaning products, overtime, can leave an undesireable haze.


Our machinery is chosen by its effectiveness. Let us renew your floors back to their original beauty.

Marble Floor
Floor Tile Installation
dirty floor

We love taking dirty and dingy floors from yikes to squeaky clean. Take a look at this before and after shot.


The floors when we arrived were in need of a deep cleaning. A precocious pup had brought an outdoor mud bath indoors.


After we attacked the problem, those tiles were shiny and new looking. 

clean tile floor and grout
water damage to shower wall.jpg

Even these shower tiles dating back to the 1970's were in terrible shape with hard water and other stains that had accumulated for years.

While they are still wildly yellow, we brought the grout lines back to clean and removed all those rust-like stains from the well water.


Ask about our grout sealing service!

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