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Residential Cleaning Services

If there's one thing that's guaranteed in all households around the world, it's that your home will get messy. While all houses need to be cleaned on a regular basis, you don't have to do it alone. 

SK Cleaning takes pride in making your home gleam with cleanliness. Whether you need a seasonal clean to get all those overlooked nooks and crannies or whether you need a standard clean, we are your go to provider of all things clean.

a clean kitchen
a clean living space
clean bathroom
window sill cleaning

Our basic home service includes:

Kitchens receive sanitizing and wiping of all cabinets and appliances, all countertops are wiped and sanitized. Bathrooms will have all tile and bathtub/showers scrubbed including a grout cleaning.

Overall, whole home services also include: baseboard cleaning throughout, scrubbing and mopping or vacuuming of all floors throughout the home.

While we do outline our basic services here, we understand that your home is as individual as you are. Our professional cleaning technicians will meet with you to discuss your needs and come up with a plan that covers all your needs.

Best of all, when you combine services such as carpet cleaning plus tile and grout cleaning, you can use our compounding coupon and save big. Check out our specials page for more info.

We'll even clean your home away from home. Older RV's can often show the years of wear and tear. We gave this recreational vehicle a whole home clean. From the upholstery to the appliances, their next road trip will be an enjoyable one with their steed in ship shape.

After all, RV's are a ton of fun but cleaning them when you get home is no fun at all. 

Just call SK and we'll take care of the mess and leave you with less stress.

RV cleaning
RV furniture cleaning

Nothing beats the feel of freshly cleaned cushions. Recreational vehicles can easily feel musty as they can sit for long periods of time in between trips. Give us a call before your next trip so we can refresh your home away from home. We promise your trip will be more enjoyable.

RV stove before

Check out some of these before and after shots.

This stove had seen better days before we brought it back to life.

RV stove after
RV fridge before cleaning

This refrigerator was well used and showing it when we started.

Now it looks like a brand new appliance and ready to use. Bring on the road snacks and pack this baby.

RV fridge after cleaning
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